Explore Animaker’s Do-It-Yourself Platform for Animated Videos

Animaker is an award winning, patent pending, creative, affordable, easy to use, SaaS based, DIY video maker and creator.

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A Teacher’s New Best Friend: Amazon Inspire | Edudemic

Amazon Inspire is a marketplace of free resources for teachers and educational institutions. What does this mean for the future of online learning?

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Ep. 56 How Google Is Winning The #Edtech Battle For America’s Classrooms –

Is Google really winning the #edtech battle in our #classrooms? https://t.co/xAaspcfvMe #edtechchat #eduapp #teachers

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11 Webtools That Make Images Talk

Not only does image annotation combine the best of text and pictures, but kids love it.

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Kids learn writing Numbers with Cute Activities – Magical Numbers for Kids

Magical Numbers For Kids game is specially designed and develop for preschoolers. This educational game teaches the numbers to your kids increases thei

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Learn Numbers 123 for Kid counting 1 to 10 – Fun app Educational for Kid and Toddler preschool

My website of channel: http://www.gamekidstop.com Download Preschool Educational Games free on Chplay

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Virtual Reality: Coming Soon to a School Near You

Soon students will sense movement, explore the human body in 3D and mix chemicals virtually thanks to companies like Oculus, Facebook and Nearpod.

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Technology in the Classroom: 8 Ways to Use Minecraft

8 technology in the classroom ways to use Minecraft that will shake everything up.

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12 Educational Technology Coaches to turn to when you get stuck in the classroom #AskTheTechCoach · TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting NetworkbyJeffrey Bradbury

For the last two years, I have relied on these valued members of my PLN when I need help, both as a learner, and as a Technology Coach myself. Some of these great educators are actually in the role of Tech Coach, and some are not.

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Fractions, Unlocked

Why fractions matter and how technology can help. GUEST COLUMN | by Krista Marks I often argue that learning fractions is the single biggest pain point in American education.

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