QR Stuff

At QR Stuff we give you the opportunity to generate QR Codes in ways that most of the other places on the internet overlook.

Not everyone is happy with only having a handful of data types to choose from, and just being able to create a puny little QR code image file that’s only good for pinning to a web page, so we’ve extended the possibilities to include innovative ways to get the QR Code you need out into the “real world” where it can actually work for you:

Create QR Codes for well over 20 data types and smartphone actions
Unlike most other QR code generators we don’t force you to use our URL shortener (why is that important?)
Generate QR Codes in printable formats – either a single code or as an array of codes – and then you print them out yourself.
Generate a QR Code and then email it to someone.
Generate QR Codes that are good enough to use as artwork for a t-shirt and allow you to actually buy the shirt with your custom QR Code on it via the Zazzle print-on-demand website.
Generate unlimited numbers of high resolution QR Code artwork files for graphic design and print use in PNG, JPG or TIF raster formats at up to 3000 pixels at up to 300dpi, or in SVG, EPS or PDF vector formats by opening a subscription account.
Dynamic QR codes and user-selectable Reed-error correction levels also available.

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