PBS KIDS Will Be Available 24 Hours A Day! – Simply Real Moms

Simply Real Moms is a huge fan of PBSKids and have been big cheerleaders for PBS and the amazing strides they take for the education of young children. Their programming is all purposeful and teaches everything from social skills to math and reading to preschoolers and beyond. The only downside to PBSKids is that their programming only airs in the mornings in most markets. Sometimes, the option to watch a show in the afternoon or before bed is helpful but only possible if you have recording capabilities. With so many families dropping their recordable cable boxes to turn to online streaming services and over the air television, the option to have the educational shows PBSKids offers in the hours outside of the morning programming isn’t available. Starting January 16th (one week from today), PBSKids will be offered 24/7! Local PBS stations will offer a new channel that will play PBSKids content 24 hours a day (including over the air), and pbskids.org as well as the PBS Kids Video App will also offer 24hour live streaming of the new PBS Kids channel! “We want to be really careful so people will understand that for us, providing this service is not about […]

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