How to Use this Site

How to Use this Site

The intent of this site is to help educators quickly find materials which can be helpful in the process of preparing lessons. 

Categories List has been set up to help narrow down areas of specific interest. There are literally thousands of educational applications available today and we scour the web to find the ones that stand out as exceptional. The index is simply a starting place, because you will find that many applications have cross-discipline applications. We have tried to indicate to you what we felt the most obvious ones were. Over time as we get feedback from you, our indexing will be better able to narrow in on specific areas of instruction. 

While we do write some of the reviews contained herein, we are not the original authors of many of the comments which we have included in this site. Much care though has been spent to give proper credit to those who have spent the time to look at and review these various applications.  We regret in advance any credit omission for others work, and will gladly make the correction once contacted. 

We feel it is important for all of us as educators to stay abreast of current trends, thoughts, and discussions in the education field. We have included our “reading list,” if you will, of what we feel are pertinent articles for your perusal. 

As is true with any dynamic endeavor, applications and articles on this site will come and go as we find “new and better” ones and “old ones” die, or fall out of favor.

A great majority of the applications we make available here are free. In some cases though there are some paid apps and some for which you must set up an account to use. 

Finally, there are literally thousands of applications which you can get to through this site, and while we have tried to be most judicious in the ones we have included, please understand we have not read every word of each site, and it is possible that you might encounter something somewhere with objectionable content. If this is the case please notify us and adjustments will be made.

We love teaching students, and we love technology. We very much hope that this site adds immeasurable value to your teaching.